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Webinar Series Raising Multiples.

Life with multiples is double, triple and sometimes quadruple the fun, and we love being part of this special club. However, it also comes with some unique challenges. We designed this webinar series to support you on your journey raising your multiples, and we hope that we can learn and grow on this journey together.

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Starting Daycare

Understanding and Developing Speech (0 - 3 years)
by Katie Carmody, Speech Pathologist and Mother of Twins.

The session covers:
· Understanding speech and language milestones.
· Factors affecting speech and language development.
· Unique challenges of developing speech with multiples.
· Recommendations for using more than one language.
· How to support speech and language development at home.
· Practical tips and activities for you to use at different stages.
· When you may want to seek help/intervention.

Katie Carmody is a Speech Pathologist and mother of twins. She works out of NSW Northern Sydney Health Service and has extensive experience in supporting families with speech and language development. Plus understands first-hand the unique challenges of developing speech with multiples.

Starting Daycare

Sleep and Settling (0 - 18 months)
If you are facing a few hurdles with sleep at the moment? We've got you covered!
Chantal Cohen: Baby & Child Sleep Consultant hosted this webinar for us on Sleep & Settling, focusing on 0-18mth olds.

Topics we cover are:
- What affects sleep?
- Tips for settling multiples
- Age-appropriate routines
- Regressions
- Time change effects - Daylight Saving

Starting Daycare

Baby and Child First Aid Introduction Course (0 - 1 and 1 - 8 years)

Starting Daycare

Dental Care for Children (4 mths +)
When should your multiples first see the dentist? What to expect and how to best prepare them for the dentist? Do dummies really damage their teeth? Is swallowing toothpaste ok?
Annika Saidi, Dentist and parent to twin boys and a toddler will answer these questions and more, in this informative webinar designed to help kickstart your kids oral health journey.

Starting Daycare

Starting Daycare Webinar (3 mths +)
Your Practical Parenting Guide
Lianda Stoel and Simone Blomeley parents of multiples share their experience with starting daycare including some of the care options available to your family. Lucy, a childrens’ educator with 25 years experience, also shares her top tips for choosing a daycare centre including questions to ask. .

Webinar Toilet Training

Toilet Training - a new focus (1.5 - 4 years)
Toilet training one child can be a challenge but two or more children…well that’s easy, it just takes a bit more planning!
Hear from other parents of multiples as they discuss some of the finer points of toilet training, as well as some tips on getting started.

Webinar Starting Solids

Introducing Solids (4 mths +)
We talk to Olivia Bates, Paediatric Dietitian & Nutritionist and founder of Nourishing Bubs to get all the facts on starting solids, and to help you get started on this exciting journey. Olivia, will help you cut through the clutter, and give you all the information you need, from getting started to the first year.

Webinar School Readiness

School Readiness Webinar (5 years)
Jane Elton, primary school teacher and mother of twins, shares research, tips, and her experiences to help families of multiples prepare for school.
Starting school is a big step and can raise many questions for families. Are my children ready for school? How can I best prepare them? Should I keep my multiples together or put them in separate classes? Jane answers these questions and more.

Webinar Self care and connection

Self-Care and Connection
Lockdown is challenging for all of us, equally, so is caring for multiples. Amelia Walker from Gidget House talks to us about how all of us are currently juggling many balls; nursing newborns, taming toddlers, home schooling, caring for our families while trying work from home. So, take an hour out of your day to focus on self-care. This is a webinar on 'Self-Care and Connection' during the Sydney lockdown for our members. This was an interactive session with opportunities to ask Amelia questions too. CLICK HERE to see Amelia's profile.

Webinar Fussy Eating

Fussy Eating (9 mths +)
In this webinar, Dieticians Laura May and Kim Lawler explore a very common issue for parents of multiples - having a child or children who are “fussy” eaters.
This presentation will focus on how to improve mealtimes and maximise nutrient intake for fussy eaters. Strategies discussed include identification of contributing factors and meal time management.

Webinar Toilet training

Toilet Training (1.5 - 4 years)
In this recording we join NSSMBA members Multiples parents Nic Bryan, Ellie Roach & Jane Elton discussing the finer points of toilet training multiples. Nicola Bryan is one of our mums who successfully toilet trained her twins using strategies from various books and other resources. Ellie and Jane also share their experiences and some of the challenges they have encountered with toilet training their twins.

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