Our Story

The North Shore Sydney Multiple Birth Association (NSSMBA) is run entirely as a volunteer and not-for-profit organisation. We are affiliated with the
Australian Multiple Birth Association (AMBA) and AMBA NSW (Inc).

In 2021, the name of the club was changed from Lower North Shore Multiple Birth Association (LNSMBA) to North Shore Sydney Multiple Birth Association (NSSMBA). The LNSMBA was first established in 1977. The new name represents our members' demographic. which is far greater than the lower north shore.

Whether you're an expectant, new or seasoned parent of multiples, our aim is to provide you with a friendly and reassuring support network to help ease the challenges you may face throughout this amazing journey of becoming parents of multiples. We coordinate various events and activities - from equipment hire to antenatal information evenings to weekly playroups (called Multi-Play & Chat) to socials (such as Trivia nights, parents night outs), and more - to provide you with the resources you need and opportunities to build a supportive peer group.

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Experiences, thoughts and feelings shared by our club members

"When the doctor tells you it’s twins, the initial response is total surprise and panic “How are we going to do this??”. Later caring for two little miracles there is an amazing sense of accomplishment and the feeling “wow we can actually do this!” … you achieve things you never thought you were capable of doing like going to the supermarket on your own with two babies!"

"With the arrival of twins life goes from being spontaneous to highly organised with a strict routine! I have been amazed and how efficient and productive I am post the birth of my twins!"

"The early days aren’t easy with two newborns feeding every 3 hours and the sleep deprivation but in the coming months the moments that make it so worthwhile start to happen and you can’t imagine life without them… like when they start smiling and cooing at you first thing in the morning when you get them up!"

Meet the Committee

NSSMBA is run by parents of multiples who volunteer their time to help expectant and new parents of multiples, as it is these parents who have gone through the same experience and fully understand the challenges and rewards of being a parent of multiples. Feel free to contact any member of the Committee, should you have any questions.

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Message from our members

We asked our parents of multiples...
...if you could go back to
before your babies were born,
what would you tell yourself?

How to support the NSSMBA

If you are interested in helping out and would like to find out more, please contact the secretary. Volunteering for the club is very rewarding and a great way to meet other multiple families who live in your area.

It is also possible to fundraise or donate here.